Water Learning Centers in Texas

A few weeks ago, the City of Laredo announced the grand opening of their first ever Water Museum. From what I read, the museum brings the region's lifeblood to life - the Rio Grande. The whole experience sounds amazing, and I can't wait to visit myself. You should check it out too! Here's the article with details.

Reading about this new water learning center reminded me of another experience I had a few years ago. I visited the Tech H2O Center based in El Paso, Texas. It was one of the first water learning centers created in the state. The other neat thing about the learning center is that it sits right beside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination plant, which was the largest inland desal plant in the world until recently. Desalination is the process of removing solids from brackish groundwater or seawater to make the water fresh. As of now, Texas does not have any seawater desalination plants. 

The Tech H2O Learning Center was amazing. The exhibits explain the six sources of water El Paso relies on, which include a variety of surface water and groundwater supplies. There are interactive games and trivia for all ages. In addition to having a great learning tool for residents and schools, El Paso Water also does a great job implementing conservation measures. They had a campaign called H2O Together a few years ago. The campaign concept is brilliant. Essentially, the message is that it takes all of us to be good stewards. In fact, EPW had a demonstration with a water fountain. If someone wanted a drink, several people had to dance to get it the water to flow. See the quick video below. I need to go back and visit soon so I can have a more detailed write-up.

I love the idea of water learning centers. It is one effective way to get adults and the younger crowd engaged. I still need to visit the H2O WaterWorks Center in Houston and the newest edition in Laredo. Stay tuned for the recap from visits to these next two learning centers. I am also currently researching if there are other learning centers specific to water. Let me know if you of any!

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